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Not many places exist for the enjoyment of children and especially disabled children but the Old Fallings or The Wolverhampton’s adventure playground was the perfect place where parents could leave their children without any worries and the place where children could enjoy adventurous activities and have fun, the Wolverhampton’s playground also hosted a yearly function where youngsters from all over the city and most of them had special needs or came from deprived areas would come and enjoy, but this lasted till last February when all the activities came to an end after a series of vandal attacks. At that time many people felt Heartbreak as Wolverhampton’s last adventure playground is axed. There are places with children’s outdoor playground equipment, but no play facility like this.

The vandal attacks caused the most horrible destruction as it was estimated that the vandals caused ten thousand pounds worth of damage and the damage was said to be irreparable and the site was declared Surplus and could not be revitalized by the leaders of Wolverhampton Council as the damage was too much and costed a fortune if it were to be rebuilt. Even the Council’s Head of Service People, Andrew Wolverson stated that the site had been extensively Vandalized and is empty and has been assessed as beyond any economic repairs and further he proposed that the site should be disposed but due to the reason that the running costs were so low that it was not financially possible to sale the site at those costs.

The site consisted of two buildings of which one was the playground and the other was the sensory centre which was managed by Play Services, that engaged up to 15000 local children every year and it was decided that the site is demolished for making much needed houses by the children, youngsters, and families of the council.

The Council further said that the building had been boarded up and was previously rented out to various groups but due to the recent acts of vandalism the question of health and safety arrived and after the brutal attacks the building was left in no condition to be of any kind of use and the council agreed that it should be demolished in order to make houses because of the fact that a rather large amount was required to rebuild the building thus demolishing was the better option and the owner’s landlords claimed that the site costed about £15000 per year.

Mr. Wolverson also said that the deciding panel was sad to give the decision for demission of the building as its demission meant a loss for the community as it provided a safe and healthy forum for the children with special needs and youngsters living in deprived areas and all the youngsters, children and families were Heartbreak as Wolverhampton’s last adventure playground is axed and all the people had only one question in mind that what kind of sick people would do such a horrible act of vandalism? The park was a source of joy and adventure for the children.