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  • Winter Fun
    (06 October 2011)
    Time to stop the fun after summer?  No!  We've added a huge list of sledges and tobbogans this year.  Check out our WINTER FUN products...
  • New for 2010! Tp87 Forest Cottage
    (20 June 2010)
    This charming wooden playhouse is made out of Scandinavian redwood (FSC certified timber), and will provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative pl...
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Single parent income tips

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Washable Nappies

Mums-to-be debating whether to use disposable nappies or reusables should know that many local councils now offer a grant of 30 to help with the initial cost of washables.

Give them a call and see if they also have a nappy lending kit so you can try out real nappies - and save yourself the 1,000 it'll cost you in disposables before your tot finally starts using his potty.

Unwanted Stuff

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Take Advantage

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Get the kids out playing in the garden with outdoor toys. Every day items like trampolines, children's swings and children's climbing frames are always fun for busy children. These garden toys are important to children's exercise, too. Changing the garden starts with find the spot where you want the trampoline or the swing. Make sure you have enough space for the climbing frames that are good for your child's height and age. Look for a way to bring in kids outdoor toys that will mean safety for your child. If you can, mix it up by providing garden toys that can grow with your child. After all, you want your children to enjoy the area for many years to come.

kids trampolines come in many sizes, from 14ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines to 8ft trampolines that can accomodate children as they grow into teenagers. Some come with safety sides and if not, these can be bought separately. Once placed in the garden, this outdoor toy will keep your kids jumping for fun.

Climbing Frames
Climbing toys come in a variety of sizes and with many features. Look for one that has a variety of ways to enjoy it. Slides, towers, metal or wooden ladders and rope ladders can add lots of fun.

Perhaps the most fun of all, especially to young children, are the swings. For babies, add a safety baby swing. The two-seater swing and the turning swing are great fun for growing children. Consider a swing set that connects with the climbing frames for maximizing outdoor space.

Remember that getting kids playing outdoors is an important part of childhood. They'll get exercise on the swings, climbing frames and trampolines. They'll use their imagination climbing the ladders and sliding down the slides. It is worth the investment in garden toys for the joy and health that they bring to children.!