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Outdoor Toys Buyers Guide

Read our essential guide on outdoor toys to help you decide which is the best buy for you and your Family. Remember that products over £100 include free delivery. How do you make your choise from all the range of outdoor toys? How can you ensure your outdoor toy will grow with your children? Follow our guidelines to help you make the right choice of outdoor toy.

  • Kids Trampolines
  • Wooden Playhouses
  • Climbing Frames

Kids Trampolines Buyers Guide

 A Trampoline can improve your Child's balance, and confidence as well as keep's them fit and active. In the last couple of years Kids Trampolines have become a must have for the garden, providing many years of joy and fun for all the family. When choosing your Trampolines there are a few important points you should consider:

1. Will the whole family use the trampoline or just the Children?
2. What price can I afford to pay for the Trampoline?
3. What size Trampoline do I need, and do I have the room? Allow 3ft all around.

Trampolines can vary in size. The choice most people go for when buying a Trampoline is the 10ft size. Second most popular size is the 12ft trampoline, followed by the 14ft trampoline. Not leaving out the Small toddler and indoor trampolines ideal for the living room.

How much would I expect to pay for a Trampoline?

When choosing which Trampoline to buy the first thing to consider is would it be suitable for your Child's current age and is it big enough to grow into. Garden Trampolines can range from £40 to £600. Put safety first and consider investing in a Trampoline surround. Depending on Trampoline size, these can vary from around £150 alone. Our advice is to consider buying a surround that comes free with the Trampoline.
For information on safety when using the trampoline please view here
Have you thought about where the Trampoline will be placed? Please note that you will need a clear area of around 3ft all the way round. Be aware of over hanging trees.

Trampoline Safety.
A few safety tips that we wanted to share to help make your Trampoline experience a fun one.
1. Try and be with your children at all times when the Trampoline is in use.
2. Please do not even attempt to try any Olympic moves without the right supervision.
3. Invest in a surround. They are easy to add on. Peace of mind when your back is turned. Some come with the Trampoline  already.

Putting a Trampoline together.
You can put away that tool set as all Trampolines do slot together very easy. Please remember that the bigger it is the more time it will take to put up. All instructions are very easy to follow.

A Flat Surface.
We cant stress enough that the ground level where the Trampoline will sit is flat so that the legs are all touching the ground. Safety comes first. If the legs are not on the surface this can cause stress to the frame work and add to wear and tear.

We put together a guide for you of the whole area of the trampoline size in square metres.

 8'     = 3sqm / 5sqm
10'   = 5sqm / 7sqm
12'   = 7sqm / 10 sqm
14'   = 10sqm / 14 sqm

1. A cover is very good to keep your trampoline in great condition.
2. Ensure that the bouncer removes their shoes _ jewellery before getting on.
3. When cleaning your trampoline use warm water, then rinse off with plenty of fresh clean water. Don't use a power hose!

Last bit of advice is to consider buying a cover, for when the winter season arrives. Oh and have fun! View all Trampolines here


Wooden Playhouse Buyers Guide

Playhouses can range from a wooden pirate ship or a medieval wooden tower to a summer cottage. They don't stop there. Most wooden playhouses can come with other attachments, including slides, swings, steps and climbing frames. Giving your little ones endless active fun and play. A great excuse to hold a kids party in your garden.

Almost all playhouses are made from wood with little features like doors and operable child windows and shutters. They can also include painted interiors, flower boxes and even a doorbell and letter box. Prices can vary from as little as £100 right to the best from £2000. Most wooden playhouses come in pre-cut wooden kits which can be assembled with easy and quickly. But don't panic, you do not need carpentry skills to assemble these.

When setting up a position for your new playhouse, think again where you want it placed. We advice that it should be placed in full view from a house window i.e. a kitchen window for full view supervision. Most children enjoy running around the playhouse, so consider a position in the center of the garden. Makes life a lot easier if you need to get to tight corners for repair as this is not possible from a garden corner.

Children should be at all times supervised while playing on the playhouse, and advised not to wear any loose clothing or jewellery that might catch on the wood. All wooden playhouse do require a strong base to sit on for that stability. We advice that the playhouse sits on grass, sand or a play surface covering the play area. Plastic playhouses are a great starter for small children and can be used both indoors and out and easy to fold away for the winter. Where as the bigger wooden playhouse are better suited for over 3 years of age.

It is an upmost importance that the playhouse is checked on a regularly basis by an adult. Particular attention around the nuts and bolts. Failure to do this may result in an injury to your child. Use common sense. If splinters or rough edges are found then file them down with a soft sandpaper and varnish over. Look after your playhouse and it will last for many years to come.

Wooden Playhouse Construction Tips.

Investing in a wooden playhouse, and the thought of putting them together yourself can seem very daunting. But never fear we are here to give you a few simple guidelines to help you on your way.

1. You need a set of good safe decent tools. But don't worry you don't have to be a carpenter to install these.
2. Think about where you want to position the playhouse (The center is best with space to maintain and play) The playhouse sits on grass, sand or a play surface covering the play area.
3. Follow the instructions very carefully, take time to read them. It would help if they was two of you just to make sure nothing is missed. Think about the safety of you child so it is important that you follow every detail.
4. When taking the playhouse out of the box, it is advised to lay all the parts in front of you in the garden. The poles can have a little grease on the so use a clean wag to wipe them.
5. Don't tighten any of the nuts and bolts until you are confident and happy with the build. And don't over tighten them as you can harm the tube.

And the last thing. Have fun with it, get some friends involved for that extra bit of muscle. It's a great feeling when it's up, and seeing you kids enjoy themselves. See our full range of Playhouses here


Climbing Frame Buyers Guide

Most steel Climbing Frames are designed to grow as your child grows with them. There are two types, wooden and steel. Galvanised steel is an ideal for climbing frames. They are exceptionally stable which means there is no need to concrete in.

Climbing Frame Maintenance
1. All metal climbing frames use galvanised steel so maintenance is needed.
Same with wooden frames, they use treated timber.
2. When cleaning use warm water (no chemicals), then rinse off with water.
3. Follow the weight guidelines.
4. We advice that you check all the fittings after a while. For your child's safety.

Planning Permission
Depending on the size of your Climbing frame you might need to check with your local authority when erecting. As it stands, planning permission is not normally heard of for use in your back garden. On each climbing frame information it should state this.

Still best to check if you plan to do the following: ( This information was sourced from the planning authority)

1. you plan to build a play system in a field.
2. if you live in a conservation area (e.g. 10 cubic metres max volume)
3. you intend to build in your front garden
4. your neighbour has a cause for complaint
5. the play equipment takes up more than half of your garden

Paddling Pool buyers guide

Having an inflatable swimming pool in the garden is the perfect way for the family to cool off this summer. At Little Outdoor Toys we've been busy looking deep into the market to find the best childrens pool advice. From our research it became easy to but together this guide, as most of it is about common sense. So we have come up with a simple easy well thought out list for you and your family to think about when choosing a paddling pool.

1. How many people are going to be using the Pool? Over crowding can be dangerous!

2. How often will the Swimming Pool be used? Have you thought about covers for the winter?

3. Garden space, do you have enough?

4. What age people will use the Pool?

5. Steel Pool, wood pool or an Inflatable Pool?

You can find our range of paddling pools here.



Get the kids out playing in the garden with outdoor toys. Every day items like trampolines, children's swings and children's climbing frames are always fun for busy children. These garden toys are important to children's exercise, too. Changing the garden starts with find the spot where you want the trampoline or the swing. Make sure you have enough space for the climbing frames that are good for your child's height and age. Look for a way to bring in kids outdoor toys that will mean safety for your child. If you can, mix it up by providing garden toys that can grow with your child. After all, you want your children to enjoy the area for many years to come.

kids trampolines come in many sizes, from 14ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines to 8ft trampolines that can accomodate children as they grow into teenagers. Some come with safety sides and if not, these can be bought separately. Once placed in the garden, this outdoor toy will keep your kids jumping for fun.

Climbing Frames
Climbing toys come in a variety of sizes and with many features. Look for one that has a variety of ways to enjoy it. Slides, towers, metal or wooden ladders and rope ladders can add lots of fun.

Perhaps the most fun of all, especially to young children, are the swings. For babies, add a safety baby swing. The two-seater swing and the turning swing are great fun for growing children. Consider a swing set that connects with the climbing frames for maximizing outdoor space.

Remember that getting kids playing outdoors is an important part of childhood. They'll get exercise on the swings, climbing frames and trampolines. They'll use their imagination climbing the ladders and sliding down the slides. It is worth the investment in garden toys for the joy and health that they bring to children.!